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Viewers who wanted to tune into the six o’clock bulletin broadcast across the rest of the UK, featuring journalists such as Fiona Bruce and political editor Laura Kuenssberg, who is Scottish, could switch over to the BBC’s 24-hour news channel.The plan represents a significant victory for the SNP, which for decades has called for a Scottish Six, but raises concerns that making the BBC less ‘British’ will help the party’s renewed push for independence.

Senior Corporation insiders confirmed that a so-called ‘Scottish Six’ news programme is on course to start in 2017 despite a “rear-guard action” by some senior figures in London who are opposed to the controversial plan.But it can also ramp up feelings of self-doubt, whether single or in coupledom.It’s helpful that there are bunch of movies out there that pay homage to the complexities of romance. 9), starring Rebecca Hall and Dan […] Both Maisie Williams and Tom Hiddleston lend their voices to the forthcoming stop-motion animated film Early Man (February 16).She is in our radio car and she is going to speak to Carrie Gracie.” (Location unstated, but presumably fairly close to the BBC studio.) So what, finally, did we learn once Gracie could speak unfettered by BBC impartiality rules about her’s BBC pay?Well, if you will send a fearless reporter to examine the actions of a secretive, “heavily censored one party state” [as she put it in her resignation letter] …Yup, co-presenter, very much -BBC China editor, Carrie Gracie, female, pay £135,000 and flipping angry.

Not that Mr Humphrys could just turn his chair slightly and, you know, interview Carrie Gracie about the row concerning Carrie Gracie.Valentine’s Day can play havoc with one’s emotions.Sure, it’s great to go out and celebrate shared love with another person.And we begin this week with fans who have alighted upon the app Mug Life as a […] David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones) is set to star in the upcoming thriller Bad Samaritan, and the first trailer just dropped today (February 6), courtesy of Tennant got his bad on in Jessica Jones as the mind controlling Dr. This time around, he doesn’t have superhuman abilities, but his character definitely has control issues.programme – broadcast in the wake of an almighty row caused by the BBC’s China editor resigning in protest at a “secretive and illegal” gender pay gap – was about to prove.

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